If New Manners frontman Nick Camacho sounds burdened by uncertainty and dejection on the band’s latest set of tunes, he savvily masks it within his band's jangly, indie-pop confections. Diffuser is pleased to premiere “So Nice” – the lead-off track from the Pomona, Calif.-based outfit's upcoming Give Me Your Bones EP  – which is an irresistible testament to such juxtaposition. Take a listen below:

Camacho admits told us the song was born out of a time of self-doubt. “'So Nice' was written as I looked back at everything I had been through in my early twenties,” he said. “[I was] mostly worried about not experiencing what I wanted at the time – like love, playing shows on my own and being self-confident. It’s nice to be able to write about it and know that I’m exactly where I wanted to be.”

Camacho certainly appears to have found his footing since expanding New Manners from a solo project to a quintet comprised of Anthony Lujan, Judcody Limon, Loren James and Dave Trautz. The five-piece will put out their second EP, Give Me Your Bones, on Nov. 6 via the Native Sound. It follows the band's 2013 self-titled EP. Check out the Give Me Your Bones cover art and six-song track list at the bottom of the page; digital and CD pre-orders can be made at the Native Sound website.

The Native Sound

Give Me Your Bones EP Track List
1. “So Nice”
2. “Window”
3. “Workweek”
4. “Do Better”
5. “On & On”
6. “Give Me Your Bones”