My Body Sings Electric don’t care if you like them or their music.

The Denver alt-rockers’ new EP,  Franklin Tapes: Side A, comes bearing that disclaimer: “We made this album in our garage, and we don’t care if you like it.” Then the five-piece double down on that sentiment in propulsive album opener, "Unimpressive," when frontman Brandon Whalen delivers the scathing refrain, You’re a little bit unimpressed / I’m a little unimpressive.”

Hidden amid all the self-doubt and acerbity is a fearlessness the band found in overhauling the creative process and sound they have developed since their 2008 debut They Don’t Want Music EP.

“We decided to completely disrupt the way we had done things in the past,” Whalen told us. “Our writing process shifted from having five guys in the same room trying to work through a single song to one to three of us spending that time producing as many ideas as possible. We would get together maybe three times a month to bounce ideas around together and quickly live-track pre-production instrumentals. Then we’d work in smaller groups to write vocals and melodies over those instrumentals.”

“Unimpressive” joins “Decisions, Decisions” and “Tie Me Off” as "Side A" of the two-part Franklin Tapes, which Diffuser is proud to premiere. In those opening moments of the album, My Body Sings Electric sound fed up, and it's palpable. The result is disarmingly forthright.

“We really wanted this release to sound honest,” said Whalen. “The whole group erased any thought of writing for a specific sound. It was sort of a backlash after meeting with industry people over the last several years and always hearing, ‘You just need that one song.’ The songs aren’t trying to be anything, they just are what they are.”

Stream Franklin Tapes: Side A below. Side B (featuring another three new songs) will drop early next year. If you’re in the Denver area, you can catch the band live when they play Moxi Theater in Greeley on Nov. 21 and Bluebird Theater in Denver on Dec. 23. Find more information right here.

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