We don't care who your favorite band used to be. If you've got a working internet connection, a predilection for guitars and anything close to good taste, Austin four-piece Sleepwalker will be taking over that role in your life today.

Formed in early 2010 by a group of guys who grew up listening to punk and pop alike, the band draw from a disparate collection of influences that ranges from My Chemical Romance to Maroon 5. And while their first album, 2012's New Age Inertia, leaned pretty far to the metalcore edge of the rock spectrum, Sleepwalker's upcoming sophomore effort, Holy Hell, is like walking along Austin's Sixth Avenue on any given Friday: One moment you might hear traces of swaggering Southern rock ("Freak Show"), the next you could hear upbeat pop-rock ("The Good Life"), acoustic musings ("Seeking a Friend for the End of the World") or funky, dance-driven R&B ("Bad Bitch"). There's also still plenty of aggressive, anthemic post-hardcore ("Blackbird").

Frontman Brian Blevins told us all that diversity is by design. "To us, this album is a playground," he said. "It's a product of experimentation in sound, identity and emotion. We abandoned the idea of creating a collection of songs that are strikingly similar in style, lyrical content and tone and traded that idea for the willingness to embrace the many moods of our minds."

Although the album won't be released until tomorrow (Nov. 13), we're extremely excited to give you a sneak preview today. You can thank us after you stop bouncing around the room.