The Bay Area's Finish Ticket have reached a critical point in their would-be-post-collegiate careers: Today, the drop-out rock 'n' rollers celebrate the international release of their full-length debut, 'Tears You Apart.' If an EP is an appetizer, then Finish Ticket have spent a cool four years and three releases whetting our appetites for this, the main course. Don't they know their fans are starving?

Listening to the album -- streaming in full below -- it seems the wait wasn't for nothing. The guys took a high-stakes leap of faith when they abandoned academia in pursuit of the marquee dream, leaving friendships and romances to fade in the California sun while they trekked around the country from bar to club in search of the success that would silence the naysayers. And it shows. You can't fake that kind of need; when a band means it like this, you hear it in the songs.

Was the release of 'Tears You Apart' strategically slated for just prior to SXSW? We can only speculate, as the group has yet to announce Austin specific dates, but it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on their Facebook page. Given its history of helping launch the careers of sonic contemporaries Best Coast and Cults -- as well as its propensity for reviving countless other artists' stale careers -- SXSW seems the ideal place for listeners to catch onto Finish Ticket. Better to discover them now, before we're unable to escape whichever 'Tears You Apart' track becomes their ubiquitous hit single.

Stream the album below, and if you like what you hear, buy a copy here.

Stream Finish Ticket's 'Tears You Apart'