Calling Philadelphia home, indie rockers Fire in the Radio are preparing themselves for the release of their new LP, Telemetry, on May 12 via Wednesday Records. In anticipation of that date, Diffuser is thrilled to join forces with the rock quartet to premiere the latest episode in the band's new video series -- check out Episode 402: "The Equalizer" above.

Fire in the Radio's new video series serves as an introduction to Telemetry, with each episode highlighting a new song. As guitarist and vocalist Jon Miller puts it, the episodes “depict the dark comedic account of fictional character Donald C., a drummer who is struggling to find a more prominent role in his band -- and in life.”

With “The Equalizer,” Donald C. plays a series of pranks in response to his band being treated poorly by a group of unruly tour mates. “With names like ‘Alternate Tuning,’ ‘I’m a Belieber,’ ‘Shock the Monkey’ and ‘Easter Parade,’ the pranks serve to prove that Donald C. and his band are not to be messed with,” Miller explains.

He also notes that when all the episodes of the new series are viewed together, the experience reflects a “charming, Wes Anderson-style short film.”

The song that soundtracks Episode 402 is “Steve McQueen.” “We thought this was a more unique way to feature the songs from our record rather than just making another music or lyric video,” Miller admits. “When it’s all been done before, you have to think outside the box and we’ve enjoyed the process."

You can pre-order your copy of Telemetry here (might we suggest the 150-gram black vinyl edition?) -- and make sure to stay current with all the band's happenings at Fire in the Radio's official website.