When Toronto synth-poppers First Rate People started out, it was just childhood friends Jon Lawless and Liam Sanagan. The group then grew into a collaborative project, swelling to 40 musicians before shrinking to a mere four. They’ve since added several more members, and while they've never gone back to that massive lineup, the collective and collaborative nature of the band holds true.

The diversity in their lineup naturally brings about a diverse sound, and the Canadian outfit mixes catchy synth-pop with sultry R&B. In their own words, their music “bumps, grinds and bounces” — “bounces” being the key. There’s a levity to their interpretation of R&B that keeps things fresh and lighthearted, even as the band maintains an emotional complexity.

You can hear what we mean in our exclusive premiere of ‘The Sweet Hereafter,’ a track from the group's forthcoming debut, ‘Everest.’ The album doesn’t arrive until Nov. 5, but our streaming sneak peak reveals a dynamic balance of clubby beats, warped synths, offbeat lyrics and the mesmerizing back-and-forth between the male and female lead vocalists.