The Flaming Lips have had many configurations over the years. They've been a standard, four-member rock outfit. They’ve been a psychedelic-punk trio and, later, a slimmed-down symphonic studio act. And they’ve drawn on seven members to deliver their playful experimentations in concert.

During more than 30 years as a band, the Lips’ lineups have changed almost as frequently as the band’s musical direction, always shifting around the group’s only two constant members: Wayne Coyne and Michael Ivins. Although Steven Drozd has been a fixture since 1991, the Lips’ history includes seven different drummers – not to mention an alternate lead singer (Wayne’s little brother) and scads of multi-instrumentalists.

Some of the transitions have been amicable (Mark Coyne wasn’t that serious about being in a band, Jonathan Donahue was happy to focus on Mercury Rev), while others have been considerably less so (see the feud that erupted between Wayne and Kliph Scurlock in 2014). But the Flaming Lips have never been sidelined by their rotating lineups, persevering to conduct Telepathic Surgery, host Christmas on Mars or join forces with their Heady Fwends.

This gallery includes every single incarnation of the Lips– including both studio and touring members – since the fearless band first freaked out Oklahoma in 1983. Do you realize how many different versions of the Lips have existed?

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