The other day, the Foo Fighters teased fans on Facebook about some "big news" coming on Monday. The betting favorite is that it has something to do with the band's new album, which is probably coming out in October, around the same time its new HBO TV show premieres.

So far, the album doesn't have an official release date or a title. But clues spread out online may reveal one piece of this puzzle: the album's cover art.

The Foos dropped a bunch of clues at various spots online (including Twitter and Facebook) that featured coordinates. When gathered together, the eight pieces look like this:

The coordinates correspond to the eight cities in which the group recorded the upcoming album, an eight-song odyssey put together in eight famous studios around the country, like in Austin, Nashville and Seattle.

So that might be the album cover. Or maybe it's the artwork that will be used for the television series. Nobody really knows yet, but there's definitely some famous-city landmarks in there.

The TV show, 'Sonic Highways,' will document the making of the album. It recently received its premiere date: Oct. 17. And there's a good chance that the record, the Foos' eighth, will come out right around the same time.

Here's the trailer for the series: