The Foo Fighters can be seen performing their fourth-ever show in March 1995 after a long-lost video was discovered and repaired.

For technical reasons, the original capture had no audio, but Foo Fighters Live matched it with a cassette recording and uploaded the clip to mark 25 years since the show took place.

You can watch the full 42-minute performance below.

“Foo Fighters performed at the Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge Theater on March 4, 1995,” the video description reads. “And soon after it was believed among fans that a video existed, but it had never surfaced. Until now. The original video had no audio due to a technical error, so an also-new secondary audio source has been dubbed over the video. Owing to time constraints making this 25th-anniversary date, the sync is not perfect, but it's pretty close."

In a new interview, frontman Dave Grohl said that, a quarter of a century on, the band still went onstage with the same attitude it had when it started. “Whether it's the Edge from U2 or Lars [Ulrich] from Metallica or Steven Tyler from Aerosmith or Ringo [Starr] or Ben Harper or Ian MacKaye or young bands like Radkey, everyone kind of started the same way,” he told DC101.

“Why on earth would you quit your job, pack a duffel bag and a sleeping bag, throw it into some crummy van with your stinky friends and just totally leave your life behind to play music?" he said.

"And all of these people basically do it for the same reasons and have the same story. And I think it's the key to becoming like a rewarded musician — someone that feels rewarded when they get up onstage and play. 'Cause you're doing it from the heart. And there's a lot of sacrifice, there's a lot of adventure, there's a lot of struggle, there's a lot of pain, there's a lot of high points, there's a lot of low points, but to hear these stories coming from someone like St. Vincent or the girls from L7, it's a beautiful story.”

Grohl explores the reality of van life in his documentary What Drives Us, while the Foo Fighters mark their anniversary with their Van Tour, starting Apr. 12, which visits the venues they played on their first-ever road trip.


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