Plenty of wacky stuff has gone down at Foo Fighters shows over the years — and no shortage of it has occurred during the group's current tour — but their April 21 stop in Dallas might have marked the only time they've ever served as the de facto house band for someone's wedding.

NME reports that the Foos' set at the Starplex Arena included a memorably sweet moment: during the night's rendition of "Everlong," fans Belinda Marie Ramos and Tony Rosales were wed while the band played. You can watch footage of the blessed event courtesy of a tweet from Ramos below.

Offering "a big shout out" to the Foos for playing during her wedding ceremony and thanking the Starplex staff for making it happen, Ramos later cleared up any confusion about the wedding by assuring Twitter responders that it was legal — "and the best day of my life."

As Foos fans are most likely aware, the wedding in Dallas is merely one more on a growing list of delightful moments from the band's latest tour, which has seen them taking a loose, expansive approach to everything from the set list to how it's performed. As previously reported, they recently brought a fan wearing Kiss makeup onstage to help perform "Monkey Wrench" — a surreal invitation he later described as a "ride or die" moment. And it isn't just audience members who've been having surprise fun at Foo Fighters shows: More recently, the band was joined onstage by none other than Billy Idol and John Travolta.

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