Michael Stipe has said he isn't interested in recording anymore, Mike Mills has been laying low since the band broke up, and Bill Berry retired to be a farmer 15 years ago -- which leaves guitarist Peter Buck to carry the mantle for R.E.M. fans hoping for new music in the wake of the band's breakup. Happily, Buck is reportedly working on his solo debut as we speak.

The news comes courtesy of guitarist Scott McCaughey, who chipped in for the band during multiple tours and recording sessions over the years, and who recently told the hosts of the radio show 'Seattle Sounds' that he's been working in the studio with Buck for a new album he described as having an "out" sound. According to McCaughey, Buck is contemplating releasing the album only on vinyl, which should please turntable-toting hipsters while ensuring almost no one else will hear the end result.

McCaughey had no time frame for the album's release, but he did suggest that Buck could end up singing on the record -- although he reportedly plans to cede the mic to other vocalists in the event of a tour.

If anyone would know what Buck is up to, it'd be McCaughey; the two have worked together repeatedly since R.E.M.'s breakup, playing alongside one another in the Minus 5, the Baseball Project, and Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3. Are you eager to hear solo music from Peter Buck?