Last weekend, Foster the People's Mark Foster and Isom Innis were off at the EDM-heavy Hard Summer in Los Angeles under the name Smims and Belle. In a new interview, Foster talked about how the electronic side project has affected their regular gig.

"[Innis] makes stuff a lot more in the electronic realm," he told Rolling Stone. "He'll build foundational stuff for Smims and Belle and we'll come together while I'm doing foundational stuff for Foster the People."

Still, Foster doesn't see Smims and Belle supplanting Foster the People, but he knows that working in electronic music will work its way into his new material and lead to a "more evolved" record.

"It's all in there," he continued. "We make a really heavily electronic hip-hop track and explore that world, [and] it's floating around in my brain the next time I write a Foster track. One thing about Foster the People is that it's taking pieces of a lot of different genres of music and kind of melding them together."

In other Foster the People news, the band recently made its 'Rock Band' debut with the tunes ‘Helena Beat’ and ‘Don’t Stop (Color the Walls).'