Whatever messy emotions linger in the wake of Wu Lyf's breakup haven't affected bassist Tom McClung's ability to make neat and tidy pop songs.

McClung is back as Francis Lung -- a one-man vehicle for the kinds of wonderfully chiming sad-sack tunes many Smiths heads associate with his hometown of Manchester, England -- and today, he's unveiled the new single 'A Selfish Man.' (Stream it below.)

'A Selfish Man' touches on Wu Lyf drama, according to a press release, but listeners need go into this one with any prior knowledge of the mysterious Mancunian outfit or its 2012 demise. The song may be about musicians parting ways, but delivered as it is, that line "I can't let you go, 'cause I'm a selfish man" will resonate with -- and kick the guts of -- heartbroken folks everywhere.

Due out Jan. 16 on the French label Atelier Ciseaux, the 'Selfish Man' 7-inch single comes backed with 'Tsunami Blues (Cause of Me)' and prefaces an in-the-works full-length McClung wrote over a three-year period. Pre-order the single here, and keep an eye on his official website for more info on the album, tentatively titled 'Faeher's Son.'