Following a weekend where he had a self-described "meltdown" and declared "goodbye" to Frightened Rabbit on Twitter, frontman Scott Hutchinson has apologized. In a lengthy series of tweets, he blamed a combination of "alcohol, depression and social media," and said that, although the band is not breaking up, they are canceling a pair of upcoming festival dates as he decides to place a priority on his recovery.

Hutchinson has since deleted the original tweets, but the Herald Scotland says that, on Friday (Aug. 5), he wrote, "Hello. What's the point? Turns out I'm a complete a---hole. It's important that everyone knows. I'm not a particularly good person. So don't buy my records. I've really hurt people who are in my life and then made records out of that turmoil, when it was entirely my fault anyway. So I'd urge you to forget about the band, it's a complete farce. I don't deserve any of the things that have benefitted my life. Goodbye to Frightened Rabbit. All it has ever been is me boring people with lies and making creative currency out of other people's hurt."

By yesterday, thankfully, he was seeing things a bit more clearly. Calling his comments "regretful," he said, "Sometimes when life goes awry the reaction is to destroy & say 'f--- it all.' Unfortunately that's what I did. In spite of this, it's not the end of FR and in the sober light of day, I didn't believe the things I said. On the plus side I have a greater appreciation of the pitfalls of mixing alcohol, depression and social media. In case you were in any doubt, it's a terrible idea."

He then turned his attention to his and his band's future. "For now, the priority is recovery, so regretfully we have decided to cancel our appearances at Haldern and Rock Am See," he continued. "Sometimes there are more important things than playing shows and we wouldn't be pulling out if we didn't think it was necessary."

Hutchinson also passed forward the wisdom he's gained from this experience on to any of his followers who may find themselves in a similar situation. "If you're suffering, turn to your friends and family. Call someone, anyone. And stay the f--- away from the internet."

While Frightened Rabbit's concerts in Germany this weekend and the next have been shelved, their dates beginning Aug. 26 remain intact. This includes a U.S. tour that runs from Sept. 8 to Oct. 1. You can find their calendar at the Shows section of Frightened Rabbit's website.

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