As soon as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's newest inductees were announced, thoughts turned to who might be joining them next. The Class of 2019Def Leppard, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, Roxy Music, the Zombies, the Cure and Janet Jackson – will be honored on March 29 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. But what about after that?

The list of possible future inductees begins with overlooked 2018 nominees Todd Rundgren, MC5, Rage Against the Machine and Devo. Those artists will have to wait until next year, if they're even considered again. Other perennial snubs include Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest and Jethro Tull. Cases have also been made for Soundgarden, Pat Benatar, the Pixies, Warren Zevon, T. Rex, Slayer, Jane’s Addiction, Beck, King Crimson, Genesis, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Joy Division, among many others.

At the same time, the nominating and induction committee now spreads a much wider net. Hip-hop acts such as N.W.A. and Tupac Shakur have been inducted recently, making it likely that Jay-Z (eligible in 2020) and Eminem (eligible in 2020) will become part of any future discussion. Is it possible that electronic dance music crossover acts such as Fatboy Slim (eligible in 2021) and the Chemical Brothers (eligible in 2020) get in someday, too?

We're focusing specifically on which rock acts will be eligible over the next five years. Artists are eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first recording.

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