Last year, the always-prolific Ty Segall was spotted performing with a somewhat mysterious new side project called Fuzz at the Los Angeles experimental-rock live mecca the Smell. Now, the outfit has released a limited-run seven-inch single called 'This Time I Got a Reason,' featuring the B-side 'Fuzz's Fourth Dream.' The group, which features Segall's touring guitarist Charlie Mootheart and an unidentified drummer, lives up to its name, churning out fuzz-sharpened shards of a pysch-tinged proto-metal.

Don't believe us? Check out 'This Time I Got a Reason' in the YouTube clip above and the more noodly and carnal 'Fuzz’s Fourth Dream' below. And keep your fingers crossed that the Fuzz will once again rock out live somewhat soon. A show in our older brother's basement would be pretty sweet.

Hear Fuzz's 'Fuzz's Fourth Dream'