Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson was outspoken about her feelings of Kanye West's behavior at this year's Grammys, composing a letter of disgust to the rapper.

Now another piece from Manson seems to have spread around as a follow-up to that initial denouncement, though it actually has nothing to do with West. Manson says that this other open letter she wrote was taken out of context and "heisted" by US Weekly and other news sources who applied it to Kanye.

"I would just like to state for the record that my post from a few days ago which has been heisted today by US Weekly and then consequently glommed onto by a variety of so called news sources had absolutely NOTHING to do with Kanye West whatsoever," Manson stated on her Facebook page. "It was directed towards a completely unknown industry insider who had in my opinion been rather offensive in his dealings with me last week."


She goes on to explain the letter and her disgust for the likes of US Weekly who took the story and put their own spin on it: "Modern journalism in most cases these days, barely resembles the craft that was once practiced with such care, skill and integrity. Instead we are stuck with provocative scandal mongers who will stoop at nothing in an effort to drive people to their web sites."

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