Sounds like the Gaslight Anthem aren't planning to stick around in one territory on their upcoming album, 'Get Hurt.' Frontman Brian Fallon recently told NME that the band's fifth record is going to be a "completely different vibe."

While that may not be exactly the case -- the three songs released so far from the album are still pretty close to the tuneful rootsy punk the Gaslight Anthem are known for -- it seems like they're at least giving fans a few different tastes.

The latest track, 'Stay Vicious,' is way tougher than the album's title song, which came out last week. The guitars are more distorted, and the cut rides a crunchier riff. Take a listen above.

Then again, the first song we heard from 'Get Hurt,' 'Rollin' and Tumblin',' was kinda crunchy too. But since Fallon has taken his New Jersey band into a few different areas since its breakthrough album, 2008's 'The '59 Sound,' we're not expecting too many jagged guitars on 'Get Hurt,' which comes out on Aug. 12.

Here's the video for the album's title track: