Never precious about his music, Australian singer, songwriter and frequent remixee Geoffrey O'Connor has once again offered up one of his tracks for tinkering. This time, fellow Melbourne musicians World's End Press do the rejiggering, transforming O'Connor's latest single, the lush and slightly lude synth-pop ballad 'Jacqueline,' into the choppy, hyped-up dance cut streaming below.

WEP aren't the first to mess with 'Jacqueline,' as Clubfeet got their hands on her, er, it, last month. Check out their version here, and keep an eye out for additional remixes of this infectious, evidently quite malleable '80s throwback.

O'Connor was recently in the States for CMJ, where he proved his New Wave mettle with a stellar set at Force Field PR's Williamsburg showcase. Before striking out under his own name, O'Connor fronted the Crayon Fields, fine purveyors of Zombies-style '60s rock. That band's 2009 sophomore effort, 'All the Pleasures of the World,' ranks among the the most underrated albums of the last few years, but O'Connor isn't stuck in any one decade. With World's End Press at the controls, it's the time of the season for clubbing.

Listen to World's End Press' Remix of Geoffrey O'Connor's 'Jacqueline'