A self-titled debut album is on the way from the new "progressive pop" supergroup Gizmodrome, which was put together by former Police drummer Stewart Copeland. Their record is due Sept. 15 via earMUSIC, and they have released their first single, "Amaka Pipa," which you can listen to above.

Gizmodrome is comprised of Copeland, Mark King of Level 42, Adrian Belew of King Crimson as well as David Bowie's and Frank Zappa's bands, and Vittorio Cosma, an Italian singer and keyboardist. They teamed up with veteran Italian producer Claudio Dentes to put the album out.

“Vittorio and I have been playing together for years, in Italy, but it got serious when Adrian and Mark joined us for 15 days of wild creativity in a Milan recording studio. If you put the right guys together in a rehearsal room, ‘strange things’ definitely happen!" Copeland said, quoting the title of one of the songs on the record. "Vittorio and I had already been working on these songs for some months but it was when Adrian and Mark showed up that it turned into a feeding frenzy!"

King and Belew said they joined the studio session at Copeland's invitation, without realizing what they was getting involved with.

“Stewart texted me and asked if I fancied joining him and some of his friends in a studio in Milan," King said, "and next thing, I’m banging out bass lines to his ferocious beats with Mr Adrian Belew bouncing sounds off the walls that I never heard before. And Vittorio, who somehow always pulls it all together. That is Gizmodrome!”

Likewise, Belew said, "I went into a studio in Italy not knowing what to expect and by the end of day one of recording I knew two things – the musical chemistry was incredibly exciting and we were having incredible fun!”

You can visit Gizmodrome's Facebook page to pre-order the album, and to check out behind-the-scenes clips from their studio sessions.

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