They may be four albums into their career, but Gliss are still experimenting, taking their dream-pop-rooted sonic style into different realms with each release. Their latest album, 'Langsom Dans,' arrived earlier this year, and it finds the Los Angeles-based group playing up their sensual side, giving frontwoman Victoria Cecilia’s vocals more space to work their magic.

Gliss obviously aren’t afraid to mess with their formula, so it’s no surprise that the deluxe edition of ‘Langsom Dans’ they're dropping later this month includes a bonus C-Berg remix of the album cut 'Hunting.' Diffuser is pleased to premiere the track, which can be streamed below.

C-Berg, aka Christoff Berg, has worked with Depeche Mode, Moby and many others, and here, he sets Cecilia’s voice against a bouncy rhythmic track featuring keyboard blips and Latin freestyle-esque handclaps, giving the remix a definite ‘80s kind of feel. Check out the ‘Hunting’ remix below and pick up the deluxe edition of ‘Langsom Dans’ when it arrives in stores on Nov. 19 via Modern Oustider.