Experimental sludge metal supergroup Gone Is Gone have unveiled the lead single from their upcoming debut EP and if the entire self-titled effort is as booming and ominous as "Violescent," the earth might shake off its axis this summer. Listen below.

At the Drive-In drummer Tony Hajjar and guitarist-keyboardist formed the group around their previous collaborative work on scores for movie trailers and video games like Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Zarin brought on Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen while Mastodon frontman Troy Sanders would periodically fly in to Los Angeles to record vocals.

The group told Rolling Stone they ended up with 20 songs, eight of which will be on their self-titled debut EP, set for release July 8 via Rise Records. They're planning to put 13 on their first full-length and save the rest for movie and video game scores. And although the band will convene for their first show on April 27 at the Dragonfly in L.A., Hajjar said the nature of the project means it "can live" even when the members are working with their other bands. "The goal is to be able to compose remotely, if needed, on film, trailers, or on anything else that comes up," he said. "It feels good to know that all this music will see the light of day soon."

Gone Is Gone EP:
1. Violescent
2. Starlight
3. Stolen From Me
4. Character
5. One Divided
6. Praying From the Danger
7. Recede and Enter
8. This Chapter

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