Boasting such diverse acts such as Pure Bathing Culture, Blitzen Trapper and Glass Candy, Portland, Ore., has been an indie music hotbed for quite some time now.  Comprising former members of the Photo Atlas, Aristea and Diesto, Grandhorse is the latest P-Town band to keep your eyes on.

The combo's recent album 'Portraiturefolio' brings to mind the psych-pop of groups like Grandaddy and Pond and the fuzzed-out guitar stylings of vintage Superchunk and Archers of Loaf. Basically, if you dig '90s indie rock as much as we do, these dudes could be your next favorite band.

If you haven't already figured it out, has nothing but love for Grandhorse, and that's why we've teamed up with the band to bring you the video premiere for their track 'Short Drive With a Kidnapper.' The clip features Ben Meyercord of fellow Portland rockers Y La Bamba running around the city and following the clues to find a house party Grandhorse is playing.

"We all came up with the concept while floating around in a pool late summer 2013," Grandhorse drummer Devon Shirley tells "Adam Smith shot and lit the majority of the video with help from Alexei Shishkin, who directed and edited our video for 'Out of Sight.' The concept stemmed from a bunch of drunken late nights. That's kind of how we get things done: We drink beers and whisky and just brainstorm until everyone is laughing and totally sold on an idea. Lucky for us, halfway through shooting, we met Alexei, who saved the day, really. We had no idea who would edit this thing. A seriously big thank-you to that fine gentlemen."

"The video took about two months to shoot, due to scheduling and whatnot, but we wrapped up on Halloween 2013," he adds. "The masks were super fun to play in because you couldn't see a damn thing. It's kind of a 'hope for the best' situation. We're pretty stoked on how it turned out. I think David passed out 74 times. I can't remember ... maybe 73."

Check out the video for 'Short Drive With a Kidnapper' above, and head over to Grandhorse's official website to pick up a copy of 'Portraiturefolio' on vinyl.