There are two reasons most people choose rock 'n' roll as a career: the free sex and the unlimited amounts of alcohol they can consume in pursuit of their rock 'n' roll dreams. We guess their love of music figures into it once in a while, too, but the majority of folks would probably take the sex and booze over creative freedom any day. So it's no surprise that a substantial number of songs have been written about booze ever since people starting writing songs about something other than whatever they wrote about before they realized that alcohol was a much worthier subject. Here are 5 Great Lyrics About Alcohol.

  • The Pogues, 'Streams of Whiskey'

    "I am going any which way the wind may be blowing / I am going where streams of whiskey are flowing."

    No self-respecting list of songs about booze would be complete without one Pogues song (truth be told, we could fill an entire list with great Pogues songs about alcohol). 'Streams of Whiskey' pretty much sums up the hard-drinking band's ethos: Whenever life gets you down, nothing provides a quick pick-me-up like "15 pints of beer."

  • Oasis, 'Cigarettes & Alcohol'

    "Is it my imagination or have I finally found something worth living for? / I was looking for some action, but all I found was cigarettes and alcohol."

    Oasis run down some of their favorite vices on this 1994 song, which also makes reference to another Gallagher brother favorite: cocaine. That they recorded this song before they got super huge probably should have tipped off fans that things would eventually get way of control.

  • Chumbawamba, 'Tubthumping'

    "He drinks a whiskey drink / He drinks a vodka drink / He drinks a lager drink / He drinks a cider drink."

    This 1997 hit by the British punk collective Chumbawamba is all about boozing it up to the point of oblivion. Even though 'Tubthumping' occasionally has been adopted as a sports chant over the years (the line about getting knocked down and getting up again lends itself well to the game), make no mistake what the refrain "pissing the night away" is all about.

  • Amy Winehouse, 'Rehab'

    "They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, no, no, no."

    Sometimes all that boozing around leads to some serious problems -- like alcoholism. And no list of Great Lyrics About Alcohol would be complete without one song about the downside of too many spirits. We can't think of a better, or more tragic, case than Amy Winehouse, whose own substance-abuse problems resulted in her death at the age of 27.

  • The Replacements, 'Here Comes a Regular'

    "Everybody wants to be special here / They call your name out loud and clear / Here comes a regular / Call out your name."

    Remember how cool it was when everyone yelled Norm's name every time he walked into the bar on 'Cheers'? This is the flip side of that life. Yeah, everyone knows your name, but it's the middle of the day, and you're spending it at a bar with a bunch of strangers who couldn't care less about you.

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