Oh, Internet. Sometimes you get it right.

What are the odds that without the late Senator Ted Stevens' series of tubes I would never have stumbled across a band from the Mesogia area of Athens, Greece? Who am I kidding -- without the Internet I wouldn't even know there was a Mesogia area of Athens, Greece.

But I do now, and more importantly I now have My Drunken Haze's eponymous debut in my stacks. The band's press release describes the record as "an album starring the character of a woman in search of love, longing, separation and redemption, set against a backdrop of daydreaming, drugs and the hot sand of a summer beach."

That sounds about right.

The band lists among their influences the Byrds, John Barry, the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Still Corners. Tracks like 'Yellow Balloon' evoke the Carnaby Street montage in an old Peter Sellers movie:

Fuzzy, reverb-soaked guitars, trippy lyrics, catchy hooks -- what's not to love? If you're a fan of Ray Lamontagne's 'Supernova,' you'll find something to love here. Same goes for you Paisley Underground types who love Dream Syndicate and the Three O'Clock, or you old-schoolers who dig the first wave of psychedelia. Try to deny the infectious groove of 'Carol Wait,' I dare you:

'My Drunken Haze' comes courtesy of independent label Inner Ear Records. Located in Patras, Greece, the little label has only been around since 2007 but they've released some really interesting stuff. Label mates Sigmatropic are pretty damned cool, too:

If that didn't grab you, check out the Vickers. They're Italian rather than Greek, but the band is part of the Inner Ear family, and 'She's Lost' is as good of a shimmery pop song as you'll ever hear:

Could Greece become a flashpoint for a new alt-indie movement? I don't know, but there's something really good happening over there and I plan on watching it closely.

Thanks again, Internet!