Fans got only a few hours' notice that Green Day would be playing at a tiny pub in Australia yesterday. But they still managed to fill the place on such short notice. And they were rewarded with one of those shows people will probably be talking about in Australia for, oh, the next two years.

According to the Daily Telegraph Australia, the trio showed up at Captain Cook Hotel in Sydney and confirmed that a secret show would be happening. A local music blogger told the paper, "Green Day came and checked it out, and said, 'This is going to work, we’re 99 percent going to play.’ And just said, 'Don’t tell anyone about it'."

With fans standing an arm's length away from the band, Green Day played a set of songs that spanned their 20-plus year career. They even took requests from the audience. One lucky fan who saw the show found out about it online. “I was doing the last check-out on Facebook, and then I saw the tweet and jumped out of bed and got into the car," he told the Telegraph.

Apparently he wasn't the only one. "I guess a few of you saw the tweet," frontman Billie Joe Armstrong said before launching into Green Day's set. He's talking about this:

You can watch a fan-shot video of 'Brain Stew' from the secret gig above. The band is currently touring Australia. Last year, while on BBC Radio 2 to promote an album of Everly Brothers covers he made with Norah Jones, Armstrong said Green Day would be taking a break after they finished their Australian dates.

"It's just nice to kind of do some other things," he said at the time. "When we get ready to do Green Day again, our batteries will be charged."