The underground success of Green Day's second album, 1992's 'Kerplunk,' helped catch the eye of music execs, who signed them to a major-label deal that spawned 1994's brilliant 'Dookie.'

Four years before they became big stars, they played Pinole Valley High School in Contra Costa County, Calif. And in the above video, they tear through 'At the Library' as part of a battle-of-the-bands performance.

Nothing stellar here, but it's definitely cool to see Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool rocking out dressed like normal guys with their flat hair, jeans and button-downs.

Note how uninterested the crowd seems to be, with everyone standing way in the back or walking by the camera. Little did they know that in a few years these ratty punks would become one of the biggest bands of the past quarter century.