Green Day fans are undeniably thrilled about the band's rescheduled spring tour -- but there has been some drama mixed in with the excitement. The pop-punk trio decided to implement a new rule for purchasing tickets for their April 7 performance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. Those who bought floor seats were told they couldn’t pick up their tickets in advance; instead, they were advised to retrieve them at the box office on the day of the show.

Green Day’s intentions haven’t been confirmed, but it’s assumed that the new policy was designed to prevent ticket scalping. However, fans were taken aback and enraged, fearing that if they suddenly couldn’t attend the concert, they’d be out of luck (not to mention a good chunk of change).

“We believe we own the tickets ... and that fans have the right to give away or transfer tickets however they choose,” said Chris Grimm – a member of the Fan Freedom Project – to the New York Post in a recent statement. “No fan should ever face the prospect of losing money when plans change because of work or family obligations.”

The fans were so vocal and persistent in their protests that Green Day eventually eased up on the restriction and granted the option to pick up tickets prior to the event. Click here for more details about the band’s forthcoming tour.