So what are you doing on Sept. 25? If you're smart, you've already circled the date on the calendar to get the new Green Day album, '¡Uno!,' which is the first piece of the band's upcoming trilogy.


The group just debuted the first trailer for the upcoming disc, and it features an instrumental guitar-led piece with plenty of reverb as the soundtrack. The clip primarily shows a number of quick-hitting images of the band members working in the studio.

There is, however, one shot of the band's white board where they keep track of song titles. We're not sure how many of these will actually be on '¡Uno!,' especially given that the titles were broken into two columns. But potential songs that could end up on the new album or be used for the other parts of the trilogy include 'Nuclear Family,' 'Stay the Night,' 'Carpe Diem,' 'Let Yourself Go,' 'Fell for You,' 'Crushing Bastards,' 'Teenage Blue/Angel Blue' and 'Trouble Maker' in one column, and 'See You Tonight,' 'It's F--- Time,' 'Stop When the Red Light (I'll Make You Surrender),' 'Kill the DJ,' 'Lazy Boy,' 'Wild One,' 'Makeout Party' and 'Drama Queen' in the other.

The trailer also offered our first glimpse of the artwork for the album with singer Billie Joe Armstrong set to grace the initial cover. It features the smiling singer with pink X's covering his eyes. We can only assume that drummer Tre Cool will be the cover model for the '¡Tre!' disc, leaving Mike Dirnt getting the spotlight for '¡Dos!'

Watch Green Day's '¡Uno!' Album Trailer