Haim have been tearing through modern music history lately. They started by covering a rare Strokes B-side, 'I'll Try Anything Once,' an early version of the band's 'You Only Live Once,' for Sirius XM. Then they tackled Miley Cyrus' ubiquitous 'Wrecking Ball' for BBC Radio's Live Lounge, injecting the song with some much-needed heart.

And now the Haim sisters are widened their covers territory with a return to BBC's Live Lounge to perform their rendition of Beyonce's hit single 'XO'. It's a bit more restrained than Be's original, giving it more of an intimate and sincere feel. That's no surprise, seeing that Haim are probably way more genuine and approachable than the mighty Queen B.

This new cover comes hot on the heels of Haim's latest original video, 'If I Could Change Your Mind,' which makes this a busy week so far for the group. And if you don't think the trio can't bust any moves, check out their footwork, courtesy of 'Dreamgirls' and 'Save the Last Dance' choreographer Fatima Robinson.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Haim revealed that their biggest influence right now is Kanye West. According to Alana Haim, the group wants to "get our inner Kanyes out." Alana went on to heap mountains of praise on the self-proclaimed genius, saying, "If I could choose any brain to just chill in, for, like, 10 minutes, it'd be Kanye's. I just want to see what goes on up there. Because he's a genius."