Harts is the solo creation of Darren Hart, a multi instrumentalist and producer from Melbourne, Australia. He makes his impressively large-sounding music from the comfort of his bedroom, and today, he offers up a free download of 'All Too Real,' the new single from the 'Offtime' EP, out on Universal Music Australia.

'All Too Real' is pure electro goodness. It comes off a bit like Passion Pit's newer stuff, but it's got a deliciously cleaned-up aesthetic -- '80s in the best possible way.

"Taking the form of a energetic post-disco/indie rock/electronic mash of a track, the single 'All Too Real' is the perfect introduction into my world," Hart tells Diffuser.fm. "From the pounding electronic drums to the exploding chorus through to the shredding guitar solo, 'All Too Real' is me." Grab 'All Too Real' below, and look out for 'Offtime' now.

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