Brooklyn-based singer Hillary Barleaux joins the ranks of fellow female acts like Feist and Fiona Apple with her piano-driven baroque pop. With her self-titled debut on the horizon, is stoked to offer an exclusive premiere of the album’s lead single, ‘Promise to Never,’ which you can stream below.

Listening to the track, you’ll hear Barleaux’s seasoned abilities. She clearly knows her craft inside and out, but the singer-songwriter adds interesting inflections and eccentricities that keep you waiting with bated breath. Ultimately, Barleaux offers something fresh and different from her predecessors.

“I like ‘Promise to Never’ because it hits the nail on the head in terms of humanistic desire — the emotional push and pull of a relationship, and how we always make excuses for ourselves in order to get what we want,” she tells

The “push and pull” Barleaux speaks of can be heard in the intriguing new track, and with her punctuated warble and hints of psychedelia, the NYC songstress creates a sound that's certainly not short on emotional drama.

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