Bottoms up. The Hold Steady frontman and noted rock 'n' roll storyteller Craig Finn is showing yet another side of his creativity. He is launching his own libation, a brand of beer called Clear Heart. Fans will notice that he borrows the title from his solo album 'Clear Heart, Full Eyes.' Finn has partnered with Signature Brew for the concoction.

"When I set out to make this beer, I was going for something with a clear taste and a full flavor," Finn said, according to NME. "Instead I got a pretty decent buzz." Well that sounds like reason enough to gulp down some Clear Heart, which mixes bitter and citrus flavors.

Finn continued, "We had a great time creating this beer and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Enjoy!"

Sam McGregor, director of Signature Brew, was complimentary about Finn, saying working with him was a no brainer. "We've been big fans of Craig's music over the years and are delighted to have helped him develop his Clear Heart craft beer. It has been a fantastic opportunity for us to have his knowledge and enthusiasm represented as part of our Signature Brew collection."

Clear Heart will be launched at the Signature Brew Pub in London on Monday (March 19).

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