Hailing from Durham, N.C., Humble Tripe is an indie-folk outfit helmed by singer-songwriter Shawn Luby. Their sophomore long-player, ‘The Giving’ won’t land until October, but Diffuser.fm is excited to share a preview of what’s to come with an exclusive premiere of ‘Carnival Song’ (stream below).

The song hits dramatic peaks and valleys that will keep listeners hanging on Luby’s every note. It opens like a haunting Western -- soft and delicate with a distant ringing -- but just as quickly, it erupts into celebration during the chorus, which contains Luby’s joyous refrain: “Lift you up.”

“‘Carnival song’ serves as a reminder for me to always seek out inspiration and purpose even in the bleakest of times,” Luby tells Diffuser.fm.

“I grew up in Kansas, where I was surrounded by never ending wheat fields," he adds. "I wanted ‘Carnival Song’ to feel like being in those fields in the middle of winter, at night, all alone and then suddenly having the best thing ever happen to you. In high school that meant heading out to the fields at night to light the discarded and dying Christmas trees on fire and then freaking out a little during the sudden burst of huge crackling flames, but it’s probably different for everybody.”

Luby effortlessly conveys his inspiration, creating almost barren landscapes that suddenly burst into flames.