British singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jack Garratt has enjoyed a sizable amount of buzz since releasing a string of EPs in 2014 and 2015. It all came to a head when he finally dropped his debut full-length, Phase, in February and immediately headed to SXSW, where his electronica-soaked R&B proved to be more than worthy of all the hype.

If you weren’t able to witness Garratt’s one-man show at DIY's showcase at Mazda and Hype Machine’s Hype Hotel, you can now catch a clip of his jaw-dropping set in the video above. (And if you were there, you can always stand to relive the magic.) Garratt helped festival-goers momentarily forget about sweltering heat and never-ending lines when he delivered his Phase single, "The Love You’re Given.” The singer impressively juggled his bevy of equipment all the while conveying real emotion in his transcendent, soulful falsetto.

Phase is out now via Island. You can find a digital download over at iTunes or grab a CD or vinyl copy at the singer’s website. Garratt is currently on tour in Europe, but he’ll return to the U.S. in June. Check out his complete schedule right here.

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