Jack White has been named the official ambassador of Record Store Day 2013, this year's edition of an annual event held in celebration of independent record stores across the country. To mark his appointment as "Record Store Day Ambassador," White appears in a video short that features the rocker giving a tour of the United Record Pressing vinyl plant in his adopted hometown of Nashville. He also issued a statement regrading his appointment and why RSD is important to him.

White rambles on about all things music during the comedic clip -- joking at one point about a wide-ranging conspiracy that somehow ties together the music industry, the masons, asteroids and the NBA draft -- before showing an earnest side that's more in line with his ambassador role.

"Please, make your way out to your mom and pop record store, show them your support, show them that you love music," concludes White. "I'll be there."

Record Store Day 2013 is scheduled for April 20, and like previous RSD events, it will feature a wide selection of rarities, collectors' items and one-off releases from a slew of different artists. A double 7-inch set compiling some early Husker Du material is one of the first Record Store Day 2013 releases that has been announced, and plenty of more are expected to come down the pipeline shortly.

Last year we put together at RSD guide highlighting some of the best material that was unearthed for the big day, and expect a Diffuser.fm guide to Record Store Day 2013 to come out this year. Stay tuned!