Jack White and Conan O'Brien go way back. Conan was a big booster of the White Stripes, who turned in what ended up being their last performance as the final musical guests on Conan’s version of NBC's 'Late Night.' Jack was also the first musical guest when 'Conan' arrived on TBS. Last night (Dec.10), White stopped by 'Conan' again, and this time, he brought the saloon-stomp boogie in the form of 'I'm Shakin',' the latest single off his Album of the Year-nominated 'Blunderbuss,' which he played backed by his all-female revue, the Peacocks.

Is it just us, or is White's all-male backing band, Los Buzzardos, just a figment of his imagination? Sure we've seen them once or twice, but were those sightings just to put us off the trail?