Jack White's Third Man Records Vault series is becoming one of the premier stops for music collectors. When he isn't unearthing some long-lost recordings from the past, he's dusting off some of his own unreleased records for fans to wrap their ears around.

A recent record in the Vault series is a seven-inch single that includes two stripped-down acoustic solo demos performed by White. Both songs -- 'Alone in My Home' and 'Entitlement' -- come from his latest album, 'Lazaretto.'

You can listen to them above, but after about seven minutes, after 'Entitlement' ends, there's about eight minutes of silence. You don't have to stick around, though. There's no 'Endless Nameless' or anything like that showing up.

The songs were part of the 20th edition of the Vault series that came out a little while ago, but someone recently posted the tracks online for everyone to hear (as Consequence of Sound notes).

While we prefer the album versions of both songs -- White is at his most dynamic when he's plugged in and electric -- these demos reveal the skeleton frames, and we're always into things like that.

And here's White in all his ragged electric glory, playing the title track from his latest album: