Jack White angered his New York fans on Saturday (Sept. 29) when he abruptly ended his set at Radio City Music Hall. According to reports, concertgoers were outraged when the singer left the stage after just 12 songs, and they formed a mini-mob outside of the venue.

According to the New York Observer, after playing for 45 to 50 minutes, White made a quick statement and quickly exited the stage. Believing the singer would return for an encore, fans waited patiently, only to be ushered out by security moments later. Once the auditorium was cleared, a mini-mob of more than 100 angry fans formed outside the venue, chanting, "F--- you, Jack White!" and banging on parked cars. Others who gave up and went home took to Twitter to vent, sharing their sentiments with the hashtag #JackWhiteDebacle.

Although there have been no clear explanations for the quick exit, fans and Radio City security guards have speculated about the incident. According to the Observer, poor sound quality, ticket scalpers, a shirtless man causing trouble in the front row and a lack of crowd enthusiasm are all rumored reasons for the singer's abrupt departure.

Whatever the reason, Mr. White and his team have a lot of explaining to do, especially if he wants the rest of his 'Blunderbuss' tour to have a successful turnout.