When Jack White isn't wowing fans by incorporating classing cover songs into his own back catalog, he's leading them on clue-filled quests to super-secret basement shows.

At a midnight show in London yesterday, White collaborated with theater troupe Punchdrunk to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that involved a basement, doctors and diseases.

White and the group turned the basement of an unused office building into the Vescovo & Co. Clinic for contagious diseases, and staffed the whole thing with gown-clad doctors, nurses and orderlies who were there to treat a disease outbreak.

It all started a while back when White offered some cryptic clues online, including a fake video from supposedly 1948 that discussed the outbreak and offered clues to curious fans. Those who figured out what was up were called with information leading them to the super-secret show.

Once there, fans were asked to change into powder-blue gowns, and were shuttled from room to room in the office building, where they were examined. Eventually, an alarm sounded and they were all herded into the smoke-filled basement, where White and his band performed a 30-minute set before White, according to the press release recapping the show, "fell to the ground in a fit of convulsions before being strapped to a stretcher and wheeled off to a waiting ambulance."

But this wasn't just some sort of random stunt on White's part. The title of his new album, 'Lazaretto,' refers to a quarantined island.

Here are a couple more photos from the event:

David James Swanson
David James Swanson