Want more Jack White? You got it: He's giving fans another glimpse at his upcoming solo debut, 'Blunderbuss,' by streaming the second single, 'Sixteen Saltines.'

White debuted the track during his appearance on 'Saturday Night Live' a couple of weekends ago, and now we get to hear the studio version. It's embedded below, but the fun starts at Jack's official site, where you can also pre-order a vinyl 7" single that includes 'Saltines' and his cover of U2's 'Love Is Blindness.'

A loud, hard-driving number with a propulsive melody and memorable riffs, 'Saltines' should get longtime White fans good and excited for 'Blunderbuss,' which is scheduled for an April 24 release. Hey, that's more than a month away -- think Jack will treat us to more pre-release goodies before then?

In the meantime, White's on the road warming up for the 'Blunderbuss' tour, with three gigs scheduled for this week: Memphis last night (March 13), Tulsa on Thursday (March 15), and a wild-sounding SXSW show in Austin on Friday (March 16) that will also include Karen Elson, John Reilly & Friends, White Rabbits, Reggie Watts, Pujol, Lanie Lane, the Black Belles, Electric Guest, Natural Child, and Purling Hiss.

Listen to Jack White, 'Sixteen Saltines'