On last night's (Feb. 6) episode of 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,' Jack White brought the latest single from 'Lazaretto' to the late night TV stage -- check out his performance of 'The Black Bat Licorice' in the video above.

The rendition of 'Black Bat' is as raucous as you'd expect, thanks in part to Olivia Jean sharing the stage with White to provide some assistance, allowing the iconic rock star to shred from the get go.

Aside from Fallon's horrendous handling of the 'Lazaretto' vinyl in the introduction, this is easily one of the most memorable performances we've seen on 'The Tonight Show' since, well, last time White was on the program!

White is taking a couple of weeks off from the road as he prepares to head to Chile for Lollapalooza. Check out his full tour itinerary here.

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