As the Detroit Free Press reports, one of the most iconic rock stars of the 21st century is getting his own official baseball card this year. That’s right: Jack White will appear on a card in the 2015 Topps Series 1 set.

The card’s photo (check it out below) shows a smiling White donning a retro Detroit baseball jersey; it was taken on July 29, 2014 when White threw out the first pitch to start the game between the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago White Sox at Comerica Park.

White’s card is considered a ‘First Pitch Insert,’ meaning it will be harder to find than standard cards in in the set, though it’s not known just how rare this particular card actually is.

If you’re looking to find White’s insert, the Free Press delivers some valuable information: “There is a suggested retail price of $1.99 per pack for Series 1 cards sold at retail stores. There are 10 cards per pack, 36 packs per box. In addition to retail boxes, there are hobby boxes ($2-3) and jumbo hobby boxes ($10-15), which have more insert cards included.”

Let the search begin! There aren’t any Jack White ‘First Pitch Insert’ cards on eBay yet, but we’re guessing when they hit, they’ll go for a bit more than the retail value.

Jack White Baseball Card

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