If you're still planning your summer road trip, James Apollo may have just made the perfect song for it.

'Two Lanes' takes on a winding road that's full of twists and turns, signalling some sort of adventure is awaiting ahead. With a rhythm that sounds like a racing heartbeat, there's a sense of urgency throughout the song as Apollo's voice glides over it with a busy mix of beats and strings.

You can listen to our exclusive premiere of the song below.

"I was traveling hard as 'Two Lanes' started to take shape," Apollo says. "I burned hard to the crossroads. No east, no west, just four wheels. Two lanes, blood-blurred eyes and a yearn that the ghosts on the horizon will materialize when the sun burns back around."

The roughness in Apollo's description makes more sense when you learn that his road to making 'Angelorum' -- his third album, due June 3 -- wasn't an easy one. The initial recordings for the LP were lost in a fire that not only destroyed Minneapolis' Underwood Studios, but also the home of producer Mark Stockert.

Even with this major obstacle, everyone regroup and headed for Portland, Ore., where they rerecorded the album. Apollo's blending of rock and classical instruments gives 'Two Lanes' major drive.