Smoke and Jackal, a side project of Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill and Nick Brown, the frontman of Nashville-based band Mona, will release their debut EP called, appropriately enough, 'EP1,' on Oct. 16 on RCA Records. The first single, 'No Tell,' which is embedded below, received its world premiere on BBC Radio 1 today (Aug. 22).

"Coming together just worked," Followill said via press release. "I think it's because we took such an easy approach to it, we didn't bring any egos to it. We just talked about each other's ideas, neither one of us got our feelings hurt. It just worked."

The project came about while the duo were hanging out in Brown's home studio. The duo bonded over their interest in spacey textures and arrangements that they don't have the opportunity to explore in their regular bands.

Two songs, 'No Tell' and 'Fall Around,' were recorded in the first day, and the six-song EP was finished in a week.

"It was all about tone and vibe and what felt right in that moment," Brown said in the same press release. "Not second guessing, just having fun in that moment."

Smoke and Jackal 'EP1' Track Listing:

1. 'Fall Around'
2. 'No Tell'
3. 'You're Lost'
4. 'Road Side'
5. 'OK OK'
6. 'Save Face'

Listen to Smoke and Jackal, 'No Tell'