Hazed-out J-pop genius(es) Jesse Ruins began in 2011 as a solo effort, but by 2013, Nobuyuki Sakuma had realized there's much to be gained by adding personnel. As a trio, JR have finally recorded their debut LP, 'A Film,' from which comes 'Laura Is Fading,' today's free MP3.

The cinematic lead single is a high-flying jam that inevitably reminds us of feeling our way home from downtown Shibuya in a drunken haze at 6AM after missing the last train. Equal parts '80s dance and '90s drama -- with a modern hipster twist -- the tune should appeal to listeners across the board, from Boy George fans to Daft Punk devotees to Coachella festival-goers alike.

'A Film' will be released via Lefse Records in the United States, Desire Records in Europe and Tugboat Records in Japan. "We are excited to join the Lefse roster!" JR says. "On May 21, we will be releasing our debut LP, 'A Film.' Listen to the first single, 'Laura Is Fading.'"

Keep up with Jesse Ruins and keep an eye out for U.S. tour dates here.

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