Following the news of Bono's unfortunate cycling accident in New York's Central Park, U2 decided it best to postpone their weeklong residency on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' set to kick-off last night (Nov. 17). Other than wondering how Bono was doing, the question on fans' minds was simple: Who would replace the rockers on the late night stage?

Well, seeing as how Jimmy Fallon has what he calls the "best band in the world, the Roots," he decided to take it upon himself to not only serve as the host, but also the musical guest. So, he grabbed Bono's wardrobe (hat, sunglasses and leather jacket), donned an electric guitar and jammed U2's 'Desire' with the Roots. Check out the performance in the video above.

Fallon even belted out a wicket harmonica solo that landed him on his back. We love U2, but we have to admit: Fallon and the Roots did a pretty freakin' good job at filling the void. Compare their cover with the original:

And if you were still curious about that initial question, Fallon assured fans that Bono is "doing fine" and is "in the hospital recovering."

At the time of this writing, no musical guest is listed on Fallon's website for tonight's (Nov. 18) show -- guests include Russell Brand, Brooke Shields and Mario Batali.