As the world mourns the loss of one of the greatest comedic talents of all time, we celebrate the life of Joan Rivers by looking back on her willingness to embrace the one and only, Husker Du.

Calling them "one of the most prolific rock groups in the country," Rivers welcomed the Minnesota alternative rockers to her late night talk show, 'The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers,' on April 27, 1987. Promoting their sixth -- and final -- full-length LP, 'Warehouse: Songs and Stories,' Husker Du tore through a performance of 'Could You Be the One?'

After wrapping up the song, the three members walked off the stage to greet Rivers; both frontman Bob Mould and guitarist Greg Norton shook her hand, but drummer Grant Hart went in for the hug.

After asking the members what the name of their band means (for the uninitiated, it's Danish for 'do you remember'), Rivers gets into the nitty gritty by diving into the "new" sound of Husker Du. "You used to be really a much more underground kind of group, much more radical," she says.

The guys acknowledge that fact, but also explain that they've evolved over the course of eight years. "It's not just screaming about how messed up the government is and how much you hate your parents anymore," Mould tells Rivers and her audience. Rivers concurs and says, quite eloquently, "It's singing to a better melody."

Rivers also pressed the band to find out who is the party animal; we'll give you a hint, it's the band member who hugged her.

Following the interview, Husker Du performed a second song from 'Warehouse,' this time the Hart-led tune, 'She's A Woman (And Now He Is A Man).' Watch both performances and the full interview in the video above.

Rivers died on Sept. 4 following complications during a surgical procedure. She was 81.

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