Jocelyn Arndt and her brother Chris have been playing and creating music together since they were kids. It didn’t take long for their passion and talents to exceed their living room, and they began performing live anywhere they could (as long as they had permission and a power outlet).

The siblings have honed their sound over the years into a powerful blend of all things jazz and blues, with a little country, rock and soul thrown in for good measure.

Today (Feb. 13), Diffuser is very excited to premiere Joceyln’s brand new track, ‘Here to Stay,’ just in time for Valentine’s Day. Check it out in the audio player below.

Over the course of four minutes, ‘Here to Stay’ never lets up with its swing-infused rock and roll -- and the underlying theme of the tune is perfect for the lover’s holiday. As you listen to the lyrics, you’ll quickly hear a message about what true love is and the significance of rising above any quarrels or disagreement: “You and me / We are here to stay."

As for the music itself, Chris took the lead. “‘Here to Stay’ actually started as a chord pattern that I recorded on guitar to practice lead over,” Chris Arndt tells us. “The moment Jocelyn heard it, she wanted to turn it into a song. She said it was just way too bluesy to pass up.”

“So we took some lyrics she was working on at the time and we sat down and cranked it out,” he continues. “It just fell together. We then brought it to David Bourgeois, our producer, and he really took off at a sprint. He brought in some incredible players, horns and upright bass, along with Danny Louis from Gov’t Mule on B3 and Jazz Vibe player Tony Miceli. But even with all of that, he somehow still managed to let the vocal and guitar carry the song.”

He emphatically tells us, “We seriously love it -- everything just came together to make this into the totally awesome song it is now!”

Jocyln and Chris have announced the first run of dates for 2015, including a stop at the Bullhouse in Chestertown, N.Y. on Feb. 20 and a performance at the Sidewalk Cafe in New York City on March 16. You can check out her entire concert schedule at her official website here.