"Do you remember the 1990s?" sings Jon Spencer -- a man with one eye always on the past -- midway through 'Bag of Bones,' a tune off last year's Jon Spencer Blues Explosion comeback album 'Meat and Bones.' And of course, Spencer doesn't stop there. "Do you remember the 1980s?" he continues. "Do you remember the 1970s?"

The newly released animated clip for the tune shows an equally potent love of all things retro. "The Blues Explosion [take] a wrong stage exit and [end] up in psychedelic zombie film," explains Lucy Dyson, who co-produced the clip with Joseph Jensen. "There are nods to John Kricfalusi, Dr. Who, Terry Gilliam, and even though we did discuss Tex Avery and Chuck Jones at length, I don't know if [our] animation skills quite got there."